How To Buy a Home Before Selling Yours

Great options for people who need to buy a home before selling.

One question that I frequently get from homeowners is: How do I go out and buy a home before selling my existing one? There are a few ways you can do that.

First, reach out to your lender and ask if you can hold your existing home while purchasing a new one. That way, you can buy your new home, and take your time selling your old one after you've moved in. 

"You can start a contract on a new-build home if you want to buy before selling."

The second way is to ask your real estate professional to write an offer that is contingent upon the sale of your current home. That will allow you to go ahead and put it on the market, successfully get it sold, and purchase the new home. The contingency allows for a specific amount of time for you to sell your home, so if you're unable to do it within that time frame, you can get out of that contract without a penalty.

A third way to go about this is by looking for new-build homes. There's a longer timeline for when that home would be finished, so you have more time to sell your current home. Once you've secured your new-build contract, work on selling your home and be ready to move right in once the new house is finished.

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