A Few Things I Do To Prepare for the Holidays

A few of my favorite holiday hacks to make this season fun and easy.

Can you believe the holiday season is already approaching? As we prepare for that time of year, I wanted to share a few of my holiday hacks with you. There are a few things I like to do in my kitchen to get into the holiday spirit, and the great thing is that they’re easy!

The first thing I wanted to share is how I make my home smell like the holidays. I believe that it’s important to create a cozy aroma in your home during this season; it makes a big difference. You can buy products to do this, but I prefer to do it organically, so I use my stovetop. In one pot, I mix two cups of water, four or five cinnamon sticks, half of an orange, and half a teaspoon of nutmeg. Then I set that on my stove to boil, and it spreads a wonderful holiday aroma throughout my whole house. 

"This is how I get into the holiday spirit."

When preparing for guests, things can sometimes get a little busy. That’s why I like to prepare my dessert beforehand. One of my favorites is cheesecake, and occasionally to save myself time, I purchase a cheesecake from the store. However, to make it my own, I doctor it up a little bit by making my own whipped cream. I do this by mixing one and a half cups of heavy cream, two teaspoons of vanilla, and half a cup of powdered sugar for just a few minutes. It’s easy and tastes delicious. Then I crush up a few candy canes to decorate the top!

Lastly, you can make stands out of candy canes to hold little signs to label desserts or place settings. This is a creative way to decorate for the holidays. Those are my few holiday hacks, and I would love to hear yours. Call or email me anytime—and happy holidays!

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